Foster Care

Pisis’ Kes

Meaning “Raccoon”  Protector…Provider


Raccoon…protector of the underdog
Provider for those who have none
Do you wear the bandit’s mask
To hide the good deed that you’ve done?

Teach me to turn away from
Rich rewards or worldly acclaim,
Knowing that my generosity allows
My warrior spirit to be reclaimed.

Foster Care

Our focus is on ensuring continuity of Aboriginal children’s cultural and historical teachings.

  • We provide placement for Aboriginal Children and Youth.
  • Our foster parents meet regional standards and licensing through a complete training program.
  • We provide support, encouragement and a cultural teaching to to our foster parents.

We consider it paramount that our foster parents are culturally sensitive to the needs of our children.  The preservation of the culture is as important as the recognition of each child’s specific family.  It defines who they are, and provides the holistic identity needed to enhance the child’s well-being.

As an Aboriginal organization, we promote and encourage all employees to participate in cultural events and activities.  Employees are expected to participate in Aboriginal Awareness training, research historical and current information that will enhance their ability to work within the Aboriginal Community.  This knowledge as well as their formal education helps to bridge the gap between the native and non-native perspectives.

The majority of staff in Foster Care and throughout the Society is Aboriginal.  We have Elders on site as well as strong connection to Aboriginal leaders who provide guidance and teachings.

We provide weekly Cree classes on site and other traditional practices.  This includes Smudging, prayer and Medicine Wheel teachings.

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent, and would like the opportunity to care for aboriginal children and youth: Please call for further information. 780-477-6648

Reference Guide For Caregivers

Program Manager           Pat Dellaire

Intake package (child forms), click here for documents

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