Family Support and Parenting Programs

Kihci Awasisak

Meaning “Very Special Children”.

Traditional Parenting/Otenaw Iynuik  (Accredited by Canadian Accreditation Council of Human Services)

The Kihci Awasisak Program is made up of several different programs all relating to children and families.
Currently all programs are held at the main Ben Calf Robe facility located at 12046-77 St. Edmonton, AB.

For further information about dates and times call us at 780-477-6648, ask reception about the program or service you are interested in.

  • Traditional Parenting (Men and Women…children also attend)
  • Health for Two (Prenatal women)
  • Papoose & Parent (Home visitation first time parents)
  • Otenaw Iyniuk Literacy Program (Indigenous Family Literacy)
  • Drop in Groups
  • Family Resource Program
  • Youth Intervention


Traditional Parenting

Providing learning opportunities to participants to work together learning about new parenting skills, cultural influences related to parenting Indigenous children, ongoing education and exploration regarding healthy eating and being healthy. The history and impact of residential schooling, and being connected to other programming at Ben Calf Robe Society and community resources around Edmonton, Alberta.  This program is open to both male and female participants.

  • Participants choose from a variety of menu recipes to plan, prepare and eat every day of programming.
  • This program does not allow spouses, partners, family member or friends to take the program at the same time, to allow for individual leaning, self-awareness, and self reflection and for everyone to learn what they need from this program.  Spouses, partners and family members are welcome take the program individually at different times.
  • Childcare provided – adult & child activity time in the morning
  • Participants participate in hands-on parenting skills learned through literacy, songs, crafts and sharing circles with staff in the morning session.
  • Bus tickets are provided (limited quantities, with restrictions) for participants to get home safely and to return to the program the next day.

Program runs from Monday through to Thursday – 9:30 am to 3:30 pm, for 6 weeks in duration, 4 times annually.

Please call for next group dates, and to register.


Other Supports and Groups

Health for Two

Providing pregnant women with support to have a safe, successful, and to-term pregnancy.  This program acknowledges the potential barriers, past and current life experiences and other factors that may create an at-risk pregnancy. Hoping that the Health for Two program can provide support to the participant in eliminating some of these potential risk-factors.  This program is able to provide support from pregnancy until the baby is 3 months old.

  • Participants are provided with pre-natal and post-natal information including development of the fetus, books relating to the information on, before and after the baby is born.
  • information and support for expectant fathers
  • Participants are provided milk coupons every 2 weeks upon request (limited quantities), prenatal vitamins, bus tickets for doctor appointments (limited quantities),  and other supportive material throughout the pregnancy.
  • Home visits available upon request

Program runs ongoing from January 01 to December 31, Monday to Friday (regular working days only)

Please call to register.


Parent Support Group

Drop-in support group for parents who have and have not attended any of the programs in the Kichi Awasisak Program at Ben Calf Robe Society.  No registration is required.  Participants can seek support among peers, staff and receive community referrals based on immediate need and emergent situations.

  • Participants engage in a variety of crafts available by the program
  • Coffee and snacks are provided .
  • Referrals are available to those with immediate need and emergent situations, though may be directed to the Family Resource Worker in the Ben Calf Robe Society.
  • Childcare is available so the parents can enjoy quality adult time.
  • Bus tickets are provided (limited quantities, with restrictions) for participants to get home safely.

Program runs every Friday (regular working days only) from 1:00 pm to 4:15 pm.   Drop-in at Ben Calf Robe, no preregistration required. 


Papoose & Parent (Healthy Families)

Supportive home visitation for first time parents, or first time parenting to an only child in their care at the time of enrolling in the program.  Registration for this program is available to mothers who are pregnant up until the baby is 3 months of age.  The home visitor provides support through parenting resources, hands-on tools in relation to parenting skills and referrals based on need and emergent situations.  Support in this program can continue until the first child is 5 years of age; support in relation to parenting and tools is provided only for the first child, though there are no restrictions on how many children the mother can have in care once enrolled in the program.

  • Home visits are scheduled in accordance to the current needs of the participant; visits can vary from weekly, to once per month, over the period of 5 years.
  • Participants are able to connect with other programs at the Ben Calf Robe Society, and maintain meaningful support through their peers, the community and the agency while being supported in this program.
  • Bus tickets are provided (limited quantities, with restrictions) for doctor appointments and other parenting necessities.
  • Home visitors can drive and/or accompany participants (with restrictions) to appointments, court appearances and other important scheduled meetings

Program runs ongoing annually from January 01 to December 31, Monday to Friday (regular working days only)

To register with us, you must be prenatal, or have an infant less than three months of age.
Please call to register.


Cooking with Kokums

Providing participants with financial literacy tools and skills that will better assist them in creating budgets, reading nutrition labels, regarding recipes and preparing healthy meals and healthy portions at home.  this is a 6 week program where financial literacy and kitchen meal preparation alternates every 3 weeks; 3 weeks of financial literacy, and 3 weeks of kitchen meal preparation.  Participants keep a journal that they progressively fill with recipes and tips to remember which they take home at the end of the program, including other fun activities, posters and skills utilized and learned.

  • Financial literacy is discussed with our Family Literacy Facilitator utilizing games, tools, skills and demonstrations through 3 weeks of the 6 week program.
  • Alternatively participants prepare a healthy meal following a recipe of choice that they can take home and cook at home.  Our Family Literacy Facilitator will prepare an extra portion to cook with the participants to demonstrate how to properly prepare the meal once it is fully cooked.
  • Childcare may be available, however it is not guaranteed at the time the program is scheduled. Please find alternative childcare in the event that we are unable to accommodate a staff member to provide childcare.  Please ask at the time of registration.
  • Bus tickets are provided (limited quantities, with restrictions)

Program runs Friday mornings (regular working days only), 10:00 am to 12:00 pm, for 6 week duration.

Please call to register


Auntie’s Storytelling

Providing parents with  young children at home (birth to pre-school age) with literacy skills and child development activities that parents can utilize with their children  as they develop.  Our Family Literacy Facilitator attends visits at participants homes for 8 weeks, and upon completion participants will receive 4 books to keep and utilize the literacy skills learned through out the program.

  • This program provides participants with 4 books to keep so they can continue utilizing the newly learned literacy skills.
  • The program does not need to be 8 consecutive weeks; the program can be divided into 8 visits that fit into everyone’s schedule.
  • Suggestively, parents and children participate with the Family Literacy Facilitator so the literacy skills and child development tools can be utilized during each visit.

Program runs: Ongoing annually from January 01 to December 31, Monday to Friday (regular working days only) for 8 weeks in duration (Typically 1 visit per week for a total of 8 visits)

We will bring a book, the materials for a craft and a snack, all right to your home!
Please call to register.


Program Manager:


William Belcourt