In Home Family Support


Meaning “All My Relations”.

Our program provides culturally sensitive, intervention and support services to First Nations families, that have status with Region 6 Child & Family Services. The program is contracted to provide Family Intervention Support Services and Intense Family Stabilization and Preservation Services.

The program provides planned interventions and services aimed at strengthening and preserving youth, children and their families by providing home-based family centered services designed to:

  • Promote the protection and well being of children in their homes.
  • Help/educate parents to improve their parenting abilities.
  • Prevent, reduce or eliminate behaviors which may place a child, family, or community at risk.
  • Prevent unnecessary long-term out-of-home placement of a child.
  • Support and enhance a stable and nurturing family environment in which children can grow and develop.
  • Improve family interaction.
  • Respond immediately to the family at the point of crisis.
  • Enhance family support networks.

We also provide services on a Fee for Service basis in all Metis Child & Family Services in Alberta. Our staff have significant experience in providing in home supports, assessments and ongoing support services such as Family Support Workers and Youth Workers. All workers have updated training to better support those in need and are culturally orientated.

For more information please contact the Intake Supervisor or Program Manager of the In Home Family Support Program at (780) 477-6648 

Program Manager

Ruby Paskemin-Ross