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Welcome to our new website
Welcome to our new website
This program is designed to support youth between the ages of 16 - 24 years that are working towards completing high school and pursuing post-secondary studies.
Semi- Independent Living Program
Semi- Independent Living Program
Our program provides culturally sensitive, intervention and support services to Aboriginal families, that have status with Region 6 Child & Family Services. The program is contracted to provide Family Intervention Support Services and Intense Family Stabilization and Preservation Services.
In Home Family Support
In Home Family Support
Our Group Homes provide a safe and secure environment. We provide a home that supports the clients needs culturally, emotionally and physically, helping them develop & maintain contact with their family and peers.
Group Homes
Group Homes
The Kihci Awasisak Program is made up of several different programs all relating to children and families.
Family Health and Parenting
Family Health and Parenting


Our Children Are Sacred

Our work strives to protect and enhance this sacredness

by providing children and their families with holistic education,

supportive social services and programs of high quality and cultural relevance.


The Society continues to support the School but primarily provides services to the larger community through its wide range of programs.

  • Ketotayminawok – In Home Family Support
  • Group Homes – Safe and secure living environments
  • Kichi Awasisak – Family health and parenting (Next Tradition Parenting Program Starts April 24th, 2017! Call Rosanna to register)
  • Nimama House – Home for Teen moms throughout pregnancy up to baby’s first birthday
  • Semi-Independent Living – Supportive living environment for youth pursuing education
  • Foster Care – Placement for Aboriginal children and youth
  • Youth Intervention – Life skill program and yellow bus program out of Ben Calf Robe School
  • Family Resource Worker- Supportive services for walk-in clients
  • Aboriginal Awareness – Historical and cultural teachings for professionals
  • Talking Stick Program –  (Next 5 week session begins April 4th, 2017! Call Brad to register!)
  • Awasis – Rainbows program and supportive services for the kids and their families out of Prince Charles School

Our Fundamental beliefs reflect those of our namesake, Ben Calf Robe. He was a Blackfoot Elder and residential school survivor, who worked to bridge the gap between the non-aboriginal population and the Aboriginal people.


In 1980, a group of concerned citizens began to look at native education in the City of Edmonton and discovered that some 80% of Aboriginal children did not complete high school. Their solution was to establish a school where Aboriginal children felt accepted, culturally comfortable and thus encouraged to remain in school and complete their grade twelve. With the collaboration of the Catholic School Board, the Ben Calf Robe Society school was created.